Costs & Payments:

How do I pay the package fees?

Payment is made online via the online payment facility. Production commences once payment has been received in full and the manuscript submitted.

Can I pay without a PayPal account?

Yes. The payment page gives you the option to pay directly by credit/debit card.

What is the cost of printing a copy of my book?

The cost of publishing depends on the package chosen. You will get the number of complimentary copies included in the package. The production cost of your book depends on the number of pages and format (paperback or hardback) of production chosen.

Publishing Process:

Do you publish all categories of books?

We specialise in the religious writing category and only publish Christian-related books. To confirm if we can publish your work, please send an excerpt of your work to our publishing consultants by email at

What book Sizes can be published with SyncterfaceMedia?

Click here to see the book sizes we currently do. For additional sizes please email us at

How long will it take to get my complimentary copy?

The Standard and Advanced packages will not exceed 60 working days from manuscript submission. Our Pulpit to Bookstore and Premium packages will not exceed 90 working days. On completion of production, it will take 5-7 working days for your complimentary copy(s) to get to you.

Will I retain full rights on the publication?

Yes. You as the Author remain the copyright holder.

Are images allowed in the book?

Yes. The number of images you can include depends on the package chosen. See the Packages page for details. Images are printed in greyscale. Images provided are required to have a minimum resolution of 300.


Where can I order copies of my book?

You may order as many copies as you want directly from us using the details on our contact page. As the author, you get the copies at a discounted rate. We therefore recommend you purchase your copies through us. In addition, your book will be available in over 25,000 wholesalers, retailers, and online stores in over 100 countries at the Recommended Retail

Will my book be available in the Brick & Mortar stores?

The decision to stock your book is that of the stores. While they may not stock copies of the book, should a customer walk in and request a copy, the store will be able to order the book as we ensure your book is added to the distribution channels.

How long will it take my book to appear in Online stores?

It may take up to 12 weeks for full circulation. This is because retailers have upload routines that differ. However, within 3 weeks of the book being released from production, some retailers will start to display it.


Can I determine the royalty I make?

Yes. We will provide you with a recommended royalty based on our experience of the market. You may change this amount. However, changing it will make your book more expensive for the person buying the book.

When will I know how much I have made in Royalty?

We will provide you will quarterly statements and send you a cheque to cover any amounts due to you. Quarters are March, June, September, and December.