In the busyness and get-up-and-go of everyday life, we can feel stretched, depleted and are often running not just on ‘low fuel’, but on fumes! We never have to wait till it comes to that – living so far below God’s best for us.

Within these pages are nuggets of Biblical truth suitable for every lifestyle. Truths which when applied, will be sure to energize you and help you refocus on what is most important of all – your relationship with Jesus. You are holding in your hand a product that is certain to challenge you to go beyond the place of limitation, stagnation, frustration or even disappointment.

Inspiration On The Go will not only challenge you, but strengthen you and inspire you to aspire to the fullness of your God-given inheritance. Get ready to soar to loftier heights in Christ! What are you waiting for?


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Inspiration On the Go

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