There was always something special about man. He was not a beast of the field, or a fish of the sea; neither was he an insect, a flower, or a tree. Man was made in God’s image and after God’s likeness so that he could relate with God. Man lived in the presence of God; he knew the mind of God, and he lived to please God. God’s relationship with man was perfect! But then man was deceived, and a perfect relationship came to an imperfect end.

Over the years man has continually drifted further away from his Maker, but amazingly the purpose for his creation remains intact. When, out of an unconditional love for man, God gave the perfect sacrifice, man’s pathway back to God had been paved. Now, if man chooses to live life in Christ he can once again have a real and personal relationship with God; walking hand in hand and fellowshipping face to face with The Father.

This book looks into the lives of a few Bible characters who shared intimate moments with God. It sheds some light on why, as Christians, we must make a real and personal relationship with God our #1 priority, and what we need to do if we truly desire a closer relationship with our Father.


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Face to Face: A Closer Relationship (Paperback)

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