Do you want to find inner beauty when the first thing people see about you may not channel that beauty?

Many people have internal struggles not visible to others, but when your face is covered with acne, not only do you need to deal with the internal struggles, but you also need to address the glares and sometimes unsolicited comments from loved ones and strangers.

Take a journey into the world of Betty ‘Yinka Adejumo-Popoola’s story of how she dealt with her acne in this detailed account of what must have been a deeply challenging situation. While not a medical guide, this detailed account will show you:

  • How to identify your skin type and take care of it
  • How you could deal with the physical, emotional, financial, and social impact of having to walk around with acne
  • Simple changes to diet that could have a big impact
  • The role faith played in Yinka’s journey and victory over acne


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My Skin My Beauty

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