Many people see job hunting as a daunting, unpleasant and intimidating experience. The uncertainty of the job hunting process and the competitiveness of today’s world can make it even more difficult. A situation that is further complicated by the fact that even your best efforts may not guarantee you your job. When faced with such a challenge, you need more than just a “hang in there” or “there is a light at the end of the tunnel” mentality. You need someone that can guarantee that what they have is failproof.

I have good news for you. God’s word is fail-proof. Psalm 12:6 (NET Bible) says, “The Lord’s words are absolutely reliable.”

This book will teach you how to apply the infallible word of God to stand out and get the job you want the best way, God’s way. You will learn principles like:

Your desire – What do you want?
The power of focus
Logic will fail
Encourage yourself with the God factor

As you invite God to help in your search for that desired job, watch him open doors that you would otherwise not have been able to open


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