Understanding the voice of God is a foundational concept for any believer. The veil of the temple has been torn in two with the death of Jesus on the cross, yet a lot of believers still depend on others to hear the voice of God. God wants us to grow to having a deeper personal relationship with Him but how do you have a relationship with someone you cannot hear?
In understanding the voice of God, Akin Akinyemi provides fresh insight into hearing and validating the voice of God to our inner man. What exactly is the voice of God? Is there more than one voice out there? Does the believer have a voice?
This book will help you on your journey of understanding the voice of God. You will see examples of people who heard the voice of God and what difference it made in their lives. You will also learn about:

  • The Voice of the Believer
  • Validating the Voice in your spirit
  • The benefits of hearing the voice of God
  • Growing the inner man


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Understanding the Voice of God

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