n 1995 I had a life changing encounter; an encounter that steered my relationship with God in a whole new direction. Until then I had excluded God from my every day affairs but after this experience I gradually began to develop a new way of having communion with God: A Conversational Way of Praying.

Now, God is very much a part of my day to day life. With each passing day I realise that God craves relationship with me and He is willing to take me just as I am. With Him I know I can simply be me. I can chat with Him wherever and whenever, and I experience a personal touch of His love, His humour and His pure goodness.

”My Diary of Upside Down Prayers” is a compilation of some of the fun times I have spent with Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. Within the pages of my diary you will find answers to questions such as, “Who is HF?”, “Does God knit?”, “Is reincarnation a part of the Christian faith?” just to mention a few. You may also find yourself catching on to the Upside Down way of speaking which, though may sometimes come across as informal, is in no way irreverent.

But more importantly it is my prayer that the words on the pages of this little book will encourage you to invite God into your everyday life and to comfortably be yourself in His presence.


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My Diary of Upside Down Prayers

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