Since my teenage years, I have been passionate about anything marriage-related; I love seeing couples in happy and fulfilled marriages continuously striving to achieve their God-given calling to each other. I strongly believe that the marriage union between a man and a woman holds a special place in God’s heart otherwise why would He have likened it to the relationship between Christ and The Church? The only thing that God said was not good after masterfully creating the heavens, the earth and everything in it, was Adam being alone, and how did He rectify it? He brought Eve out of Adam to be his helpmeet.

As wives, we sometimes feel that we should and can help our husbands in so many ways. After all, that is what God created us to be, helpmeets. However, the truth is that the primary and most important help we can be is an intercessor for the men whom God has asked us to help: Our husbands!
I pray that as you journey through this journal hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, your marriage will truly become everything you desire it to be. Amen


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Praying For My Hubby The 30-day Journal

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