We know about 3D technology, 3D imagery, and 3D movies; what about God’s Word in 3D? God’s Word in 3D is a practical book on the nature and operations of God’s Word. Drawing on captivating stories, powerful testimonies, scriptural analogies, and scientific information, God’s Word in 3D comes alive with suspense, freshness, and originality.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The many-sided nature of God and His Word
  • How to effectively apply God’s Word to everyday life
  • Unlocking the power of God’s Word for Godliness and success

If you read and act on the message of this book, your life will turn around for good and forever; not suddenly but certainly; not in a moment, but in one small moment at a time. Welcome to a discovery of the diverse dimensions of the Divine Word.


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God’s Word in 3D

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