This book is a short write-up on the lives of five inspirational women, namely Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Rachel, plus one, the Shunammite woman.

All six of these women had been declared barren, but yet they desired to be mothers. Elisha prayed for the Shunammite woman while the other five took their petition to God in prayer. The end result: God granted their requests!

5 Vessels Plus 1‘ shows the demonstration of God’s power. It reminds us that as God’s children, we can take our petitions to our Father. We can talk to Him freely, knowing that He hears us and is always willing to answer.

As you walk along life’s pathway trusting God for various things, my prayer is that this book will help ginger your faith and trust in God. Remember, with Him every mountain will be made plain and in Him, you are an overcomer



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5 Vessels Plus 1

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