The spirit of the Sadducees is not something you hear of everyday and you may well ask yourself if such a thing actually exists. Well, take a look at this: The Sadducees were the chief priests, and controlled the majority in the Jewish ruling council, The Sanhedrin. They were characterised by their deceptive ways, their trust in self, their reliance on earthly wisdom and their wanting to rule rather than lead. This explains why they felt their position was being threatened when Jesus came on the scene, and they did everything within their ability to take Him out.

The sad truth is that this deceptive, selfish, earthly wisdom, ruling spirit is sneaking into the body and becoming a stronghold in the church. In this book Akin Akinyemi provides insight on the impact that the spirit of the Sadducees currently has on the financial order, the family and spiritual warfare. However, more importantly with the help of the Holy Spirit, Akin reveals how we can pierce the spirit of the Sadducees.


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Piercing the spirit of the Sadducees

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