In a world of constant change and chaos, it is so easy to get caught up in living life. More than ever before we realize that we are defined by the challenges and circumstances we encounter. Many believers find themselves torn between earthly realities and heavenly possibilities, a situation that tends to bring about an identity crisis. But is there actually a way of making these heavenly possibilities earthly realities? Is there a place we can go to find answers to the question, “Who Am I?” without building beliefs on an ever changing foundation?

Adekemi defines who a believer is by using the word of God, with salvation through Jesus Christ as a foundation. Without this foundation our belief will be meaningless as we would be unstable, being tossed around with all manner of doctrine.
As you take in the pages of this book you will receive insight into:
• Who God says you are
• The promise that makes your identity sure
• Practical steps to develop yourself in your new identity
• How what you say and think affects who you become
• The high calling of God


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Who am I

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