Romoke woke up one day at eighteen years old and realized that her future held too little hope, as her dreams became apparently shattered, thanks to a girlfriend! But then, she soon got the courage to forge into the future, only for her to have all her hopes dashed afterwards by a young man, and have her life in ruins. Divine providence, with a view to restoring her hope fully, brought her the most shocking, least-expected coincidental arrangement she had ever experienced in her life….

With his realistic dialogue and believable action, coupled with his excellently evocative narration, Olla successfully paints his fiction as clear and real as real life itself, and through his powerful suspense will keep the reader running through the pages and travelling along all through his characters’ world of Sprouting Again. A story of sighs and smiles, of love and lust, of hurts and hugs, of feats and failings, of mercy and nemesis


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Sprouting Again

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