“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” is a statement we hear ever so often. But what exactly is this knowledge? If the lack of this knowledge leads to destruction then do we really understand it? Is it just about having access to information or is there more to this knowledge?

In this book, Akin describes the different types of knowledge and teaches how we can walk in it. You will see how knowledge that arrives at the wrong time could be a stumbling block. You will also see how knowledge in its time is actually revelation, and how this revelation is the hearing that brings faith. When we operate in this dimension of knowledge, the unfavourable state of natural circumstances will not pose a hindrance to the achievement of dreams. This book also shines light on:

  • The Intelligence of Adam
  • The Intercession of Abraham
  • The Innovation of Jacob
  • The Insight of Joseph
  • The Inventions of Uzziah & much more.

Remember, the only limitations that exist are the ones we impose on ourselves


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The knowledge of the Hebrew Boys

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