In his characteristic simplistic style of presentation, Wale demystifies “Creative Thinking” with easy to understand stories that capture the mind of the reader. Irrespective of your level in your organisation or discipline, “Creative Thinking For Phenomenally effective people” will give you the easy tools and concepts you need to be a phenomenal success at what you do.

I have seen people flock to certain professions because they think there is a profession that makes people wealthy. I have however seen wealthy bankers and poor bankers. I have seen wealthy lawyers and extremely poor lawyers. I have seen wealthy doctors and poor doctors. This tells us that there is no perfect profession. Similarly, I have seen people flock out of Africa in search of greener pastures. However, in the countries in Europe and in North America where these people flock to, I have seen poor people as well as extreme levels of poverty. This tells me that there is no perfect location. I have also seen people who work extremely hard and yet have not been able to break out of poverty. It would seem that the way out is not in working hard but in working hard in a smart and informed way. It is about working hard in a way that engages the fullness of the human potential to break out of man-made boxes of limitation.

– From the Introduction of Creative Thinking For Phenomenally Effective People.

I am allergic to stagnation, to stupidity and to insincerity… Even if you are going to be wrong, be sincerely wrong. It is better to be a failure at something than to be a success at nothing.

– Wale Akinyemi


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Creative Thinking For Phenomenally Effective People

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